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We offer you a variety of Kerala snacks and non-Kerala snacks, which gives your heart and tummy a feel of satisfaction than ever.

As a busy day goes by or a cozy holiday spent at home, evening tea time is special for all. It is a reminder to take a break and enjoy the little joys of our lives. The warmth of a cup of tea is always more enjoyable when there are savories to tickle your tastebuds. 

Hot Cakes presents to you an array of tea-time snacks to much on while you sip your tea.

Kerala is known for its abundance of delicious cuisines crafted with the goodness of coconut oil. The same transcendence when it comes to Kerala Special Snacks! An amalgamation of healthy ingredients elevated with the aroma of coconut oil and spices native to this land. 

Here is a list of Kerala Special tea-time snacks to choose from, to add flavor to your break.


Achappam, also known as Rose Cookie, came to Kerala from Syria with the Syrian Christian food culture. Long back achappam was a delicacy for special days like festivals and marriages. Today achappam is a snack that is enjoyed in every home. 

Achappam is a mix of rice flour, egg, sugar, coconut milk, and a pinch of secret spices, deep fried in hot coconut oil using iron molds. Hot Cakes Achappam is a crispy treat that you can never say no to!


Kuzhalappam is a Kerala special tea-time snack that is deep-fried in the goodness of coconut oil.  This crispy cylinder-shaped snack is a cult favorite for its mild flavor and captivating aroma. An amalgamation of rice flour, grated coconut, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, ginger, garlic, and pearl onion, kuzhalappam never fails to impress one with its taste.

Butter Murukku

Murukku is the crunchiest snack in the town known for its wide range of flavors catering to all spice levels. Butter murukku is a savory snack variant from the murukku family. A combination of urad dal, rice flour, sesame seeds, and cumin seeds, with a touch of Kerala special spices makes this snack a perfect tea-time partner. 

Making Butter Murukku needs skill, time, and a lot of patience. Getting the perfect shape, size, and texture takes an expert’s work. Now you can taste the best butter murukku with Hot Cakes Kerala Special Butter Murukku!

Kappa Chips

Kappa chips, made out of evenly sliced tapioca, serve a whole different taste palette. With a range of spice levels Kappa chips, deep fried in coconut oil is an irresistible snack from South India that is popular across the nation today. 

Hot Cakes brings to you three different variants of this popular snack Kappa Chips Round plain for those who like to enjoy the authentic flavor of tapioca crispy chips, Kappa Finger Chips plain for those who want to munch on a crunchier version, and Kappa Finger Chips masala for those who enjoy spicy crunchy snacks. 

Hot Cakes has a wide variety of tea-time snacks that you can choose from. Made with quality ingredients and premium spices makes these snacks delicious and irresistible. Try it yourself!