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Terms and Conditions

We offer you a variety of Kerala snacks and non-Kerala snacks, which gives your heart and tummy a feel of satisfaction than ever.

  • The Customer is responsible for the information of the recipient’s correct name and address. This information should be precise, accurate and complete (e.g. it should include the telephone number, flat number, wing and the floor) to enable delivery under normal conditions.
  • Ovenfresh reserves the right to call the recipient to obtain the details needed to make a smooth delivery and to be available to receive the delivery, which means that the telephone number has to be correct and the recipient has to be there to answer the phone.
  • Please be aware that the weights indicated are approximate and might vary.
  • Ovenfresh cannot warranty the quality of its products if the recipient does not ensure proper storage conditions or storing in the refrigerator after receiving.
  • For any order modifications (billing or delivery address, delivery date etc.), please contact our Customer Service Department at least two working days before the original delivery date. By mail : [email protected]
  • Please note : The risk of product unavailability is higher during holiday periods, during Diwali and especially the year-end holidays, than during the rest of the year.
  • If there is a shortage of a particular product, we will call you or send an e-mail as soon as possible to find a solution
  • Postpone delivery until the product is available again, if and when this is possible
  • Replace the product with one that is comparable in terms of quality and price
  • Due to COVID 19, deliveries are impacted, we try our best to deliver your order but in rare conditions if the order is not delivered, a coupon of equivalent value paid will be provided.
  • Company Name :- Hot Cakes Bakery & Super Market
  • Registered address :-near railway station, kundara p o, kollam district
    pincode: 691501, city: Kundara, Kollam, state: Kerala