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We offer you a variety of Kerala snacks and non-Kerala snacks, which gives your heart and tummy a feel of satisfaction than ever.

The Nature’s Candy Bowl

Forget the artificial flavors and sugary treats! Mother Nature has crafted her own line of delicious and power-packed snacks – dry fruits! These little wrinkly wonders are bursting with nutrients and offer a delightful, healthy alternative to your usual snacking routine. But dry fruits are more than just convenient; they boast a fascinating history, surprising [...]

Health and Nutritional Benefits of Dried Fruits and Nuts

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with food trends and diets, there's something timeless, and undeniably wholesome, about the simple elegance of dried fruits and nuts. These unassuming superfoods have been cherished throughout history for good reason—they're nutrient-packed, versatile, and a delightful addition to any diet.  As you read on, you will learn [...]

Historical Odyssey of the Plum Cake

An indulgent treat packed with raisins, dried fruits and nuts soaked in wine and enriched with a subtle flavour of cinnamon and spices; the delectable, rich plum cake is not just a dessert but a memoir of the spirit of Christmas, family gatherings and warmth. The cake is a visual delight with a shiny brown […]

Jack of All Fruits, Now in Versatile Flavors

Jackfruit is the most versatile tropical fruit and the yummiest one too. Jackfruit itself is a tropical fruit that thrives in Kerala’s lush landscapes. From fruit to seeds, each part of jackfruit is consumable in one way or the other way offering a variety of culinary possibilities. In Kerala, you can see at least 10 […]