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We offer you a variety of Kerala snacks and non-Kerala snacks, which gives your heart and tummy a feel of satisfaction than ever.

You’re done for the day at school and while running back home your mind is filled with the delicacies that will accompany the tea in your favorite cup. Every day there would be something special, something seasonal, but a snack cherished across the year is something you couldn’t resist devouring. 

As you reach home, you’re running out of patience, shoes are tossed to one side and bag to the other. You head to the kitchen counter and tiptoe to reach the transparent jar filled with the crispy golden yellow coin-like chips. As you twist the jar lid open the aroma of crunchy Kerala Special banana chips, prepared in the goodness of coconut oil takes over the room. 

Kerala special banana chips are a savory that has a fan base across the globe. We at Hot Cakes understand and value your sentiments about this snack, hence we provide only the best. As Kerala is blessed with a topography that nurtures farming, the banana plantation is a common site in Kerala leading to the production of good quality and highly nutritious bananas. We locally source raw bananas and the bananas are sliced thin and then deep-fried in coconut oil until they turn golden yellow and crispy with a tinge of turmeric and salt to taste. 

Kerala special banana chip preparation is not a complicated tedious process, but why do only a handful of people get it right? Quality is the major factor here. The quality of raw bananas used and the quality of coconut oil used to fry is what makes Hot Cakes Kerala special banana chips. The slices are also uniformly cut so that each batch is deep-fried evenly, promising the crunchiest bite with each chip. 

Now you can order your favorite Kerala special banana chips from anywhere and get it delivered to your doorstep with Hot Cakes.